Application deadline - September 8th, 2017

Harvard Business School Association of Boston
Community Action Partners (CAP)
Volunteer APPLICATION 2017-2018

CAP Overview

Put your business skills to work helping a good cause by joining the CAP volunteer consulting network. Becoming a volunteer requires a time commitment averaging 2-4 hours per week from October through May, with more intense work periods at times. Volunteers must have schedule flexibility sufficient to make team and client meetings at the mutually agreed place and time.

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Terms and Conditions

Community Action Partners (CAP) Volunteer Agreement

Though participation in CAP projects is a volunteer effort, the client organizations we serve and fellow volunteers count on each team member to be actively engaged throughout the duration of the project. Further, the reputations of CAP, the Harvard Business School Association of Boston (HBSAB), and HBS within the Greater Boston community are impacted by the effectiveness and professionalism of CAP volunteers. As a volunteer on a CAP pro bono project, I commit to being an active participant in the project I am assigned to for the duration of the project within reasonable bounds of scope and time. This includes a commitment:
  • averaging 2-4 hours per week from October to May, with sufficient schedule flexibility to attend team meetings at the mutually agreed upon time and place
  • to sign up for, and complete on time, a fair share of the work
  • to respond in a timely fashion to e-mails and voice messages
  • to communicate pro-actively to the members and leadership of the team should extenuating circumstances make it impossible for me to continue active participation at certain times

  • I understand that CAP and HBSAB act only in matching organizations and volunteers for pro bono consulting work, and that the scope of the project and the consulting services rendered must be agreed upon directly between the organizations and the volunteers who will undertake the project
  • During the tenure of the project, I agree not to have any personal interest in or derive any personal gain from, directly or indirectly, the organization I am consulting to. If I have, or develop, any such personal interest, I agree to immediately notify my CAP Board Liaison.
  • I agree not to disclose any confidential client information obtained in connection with this project work, or use confidential client information for personal, family or professional gain during or after this project.
  • I agree that none of CAP, HBSAB or HBS, or their respective officers, directors, trustees, affiliates, other volunteers, employees, agents, successors or assigns shall have any liability of any kind or nature to me relating to, or arising out of, the CAP program or any services rendered in connection with the CAP Program, including any claims by a Client Party

CAP Photo Permission and Release

HBSAB Community Action Partners (CAP) occasionally uses photographs of volunteers and events in its publications and on its website. Please check below to grant CAP permission to use your photo and/or video image. I hereby give my permission to Community Action Partners (CAP) to use photographic or video images taken of me and release them for the purposes of promoting and publicizing CAP and its program. I expressly release CAP from any claim for financial compensation now and in the future arising out of the use of the photographic images.
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